Loss of sensitivity in breasts
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I am in my late 30s and have around size 34B breasts. In my early 20s i used to be very sensitive to touch on my breasts, but recently I have noticed that the sensation there is significantly less, to the point that I don’t really enjoy it much when my lover touches them, whereas before it used to drive me wild. Is this normal and more importantly is there any way to get that sensation back?

I have not had cancer, surgery or an injury in the intervening time, and I am not on any new medication. I did gain a lot of weight in my early 30s but I have lost nearly all of it now so I only weigh about 5kg more than I did at 21. Overall my breasts have gotten a little bigger, but maybe like half a cup size total.
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I've experienced similar stuff. There are parts of my body that only sometimes feel erotic or like being touched, depending on my hormone levels.

(I've sort of got an unfair advantage on this. I'm trans, so I've had lots of different combinations of hormones in my body and I generally know for a fact what my levels are. You probably don't have the same relationship with your hormones and can't exactly check to see if that's what's happened. But keep it in mind as a possibility — especially if other hormone-type things have changed for you lately, like your sex drive in general, your energy, how greasy or smooth your skin is, etc.)
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How recent is your last professional bra fitting? "If you discover a numb area on a breast, you might have an easy explanation, such as recent surgery in the area or the sign of an insect bite. On the other hand, you might not be able to easily pinpoint the cause which might be as simple as compression caused by an ill-fitting bra." (Healthline, on breast numbness / loss of sensation.) Given your previous weight gain and loss, I'd start there.
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Are you on hormonal birth control? As you age your hormonal profile will change, and the impact of synthetic hormones will change too, even if they haven't given you any issues in the past.

nebulawindphone speaks wisdom in that cis people generally don't have to think too much about what our hormonal profiles are doing, so when they're out of whack it can surprise us a bit.

It'd be worth having a chat about your levels regardless with your GP. A lot of women start the earliest parts of perimenopause at that age so it's worth looking into even if you aren't on hormonal birth control.
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Any changes in breast sensation should spur a trick to the doctor to get them checked. I'm sure if it's both, and evenly distributed, it isn't a malign cause, but I think it's worth a double check.
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This is likely not your case but I'll mention it just in case. I've lost some sensation to my breasts (and other parts of my body) because of a neurological disorder. This was paired with other symptoms, so if this is your only loss of sensation or otherwise odd bodily sensation it likely doesn't apply to you.
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