What language are the nuns speaking in this ad for OS/2 Warp?
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This is the ad. I'm pretty sure it's an eastern european or slavic language, and for some reason my first instinct was Polish, but I have no reason for thinking this. I do not speak any slavic languages.

I want to know the answer to this question because because I want to write fan fiction about the nuns. Any additional information about what life would be like for a nun in whatever country they're supposed to be in would be very welcome.
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Best answer: This version on youtube says it's Czech (see the comments and description).
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Best answer: More.
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Response by poster: Thank you!
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Best answer: Czech speaker here - can confirm it’s Czech; filmed in prague
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Best answer: As to what life would be like, it's tough to say. Their habits look sort of vaguely nun-like but don't square up with any of the ones I'm immediately familiar with. The day-to-day of religious orders varies greatly with their particular charism/focus. They might be contemplatives who spend most of their day at prayer, or working in schools, hospitals, universities, and so on.
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