For the love of Lobster Stock/broth
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As part of DrCoTII’s Mainish wedding weekend we had a lobster boil. During the evening after that we made some lovely lobster stock. We would like to make a soup or stew with it that does not involve the purchase of additional lobster, and all of my searches default to Lobster bisque, which I don’t want. We’re fine with all sorts of midatlantic seafood, have a modest budget, and the teens are fans of Guy’s Grocery Games, so unusual options are welcome. We’ve got the base, help us get to melodious soup!
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Best answer: I find that lobster stock works in almost any dish that calls for fish or shellfish stock. A bouillabaisse or similar mixed seafood soup with spices and garlic would be great. I envy your leftovers and adventures.
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Best answer: I can't lay my hands on the recipe right now, but I have made a monk fish and orange zest soup that I think would do well in a lobster broth. both the monkfish and the orange dust with it are a little weird for soup but it's really good and worth trying just for the weirdness.
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Best answer: How much do you have? If it were me, I'd be awfully tempted to reduce it way down and use it along with some extra virgin olive oil to dress spaghetti bianco di scoglio with mixed seafood (shrimp, scallop, clam, mussel).
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Do a nice luxurious ramen or hot pot or something! Heat it up, toss in noodles and veg, maybe some hot sauces?
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Best answer: Mix with an almost equal amount of heavy cream, reduce by half. Add crispy smoked bacon or pancetta, whatever fish or other seafood you like, and tiny boiled new potatoes cut into quarters. Cook just until the seafood is done. Season to taste with salt, pepper, and cayenne for a really rich seafood chowder. Serve with lots of crusty bread for dipping.
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Using this for risotto would be heavenly.
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Best answer: Quenelles de Brochet
When I was younger, you could buy a can of pike cakes in our local supermarket. I always had a can in the pantry, and if we'd had langoustines I'd make the sauce from their shells, but I'd also make a delicious "Florentine" style dish with them. Now, you have to make your own quenelles, and you can make them just fine out of any white fish, if you can't find pike, and while I normally won't eat frozen fish, they are good for this.
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We usually use ours for risotto, but recently my husband did a really nice miso soup with lobster broth and clams.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, these were very inspirational! We did steam rice with some before freezing it and concluded that we might shift seasoning a little if we did that again. We love clam chowder and generally knew of bouillabaisse, and learned that one of the seasoning components peel! We have quite a bit, so the clam and potato improv went well last night, and tonight is the reduction/sauce over pasta.

I’m intrigued with the quenelles - such a decadent sauce! We will give that a go when the weather warms.
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