Kitchen chairs
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I'm looking for some high quality, comfortable kitchen chairs.

I've had these wood chairs from IKEA for 5 years or so. They're terrible. Before these chairs, I owned the same chairs, but in a different color. I don't remember them being as bad, but they've never been comfortable. I've tried a few different chair cushions on them without much luck.

Ideally I would like to purchase 2-4 kitchen chairs will not make my guests and I squirm in our seats the entire time because we are in pain. Can you recommend some kitchen chairs to me that won't break my back? Honestly, I would prefer to never again buy chairs after this, so I am interested in quality over price, as long as they are actually comfortable. I don't mind going somewhere to try and buy them and I live in a major metro area with access to almost any US store. I'm ok buying just two and may even prefer it.
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40/4 is a bit wide, but stackable, and very comfortable. Scroll down to see many different design options.
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Office chairs have been a good solution for our table.
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After suffering similar unpadded, creaky kitchen chairs for nearly 15 years, we finally splurged last year on 4 of these. Excellent decision -- we love them. (Although the splayed feet caused lots of stubbed toes until we got used to it.) is a British website, but you may be able to find something similar.
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I recently bought these. They're comfortable and very nice.
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Go spend an hour trying chairs at Room and Board, such as the Soren.
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I just exchanged the similarly-uncomfortable Ikea Ingolf chairs for the Norrnas and they're amazingly comfortable. Something about the padded seat and the angle of the back.
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Sit on it! (Ha ha, sorry).

Different people find different chairs comfortable.

We have those 40/4 chairs mentioned upthread, left by the landlady. They are banished to a stack in the basement because they are so uncomfortable. I think it's because they have a little rise or bump near the front edge of the seat, and to sit up to the table I have to perch on that. But it seems that others like them.

When they wanted feedback on samples of new chairs at work, we were asked to rank-order them. My colleague and I ranked them in exactly the opposite order.

So, try them out.
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We got these IKEA chairs about 2 years ago and they’re some of the most comfortable kitchen chairs I’ve ever had. I was ready to totally brush off IKEA but they’re actually good enough that I mainly write at the kitchen table now.
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Hello, I went through this process recently (here was my Ask). I ended up buying a set of fancy used chairs for $40 each from a literal billionaire via They are these swanky chairs, not that I recommend this exact type, but just to let you know what is out there on the used market. The lady I bought these from was selling them because she moved and the “chairs didn’t go with the wood floors” in her new house. There are tons of people selling used dining chairs that are comfier than IKEA, and you don’t have to assemble them yourself!

My husband thinks our old, creaky chairs were slightly more comfortable, and I agree, but these new ones are also totally fine, and I am no longer afraid of my chair collapsing under me. Unexpected result of owning these chairs: our $20 Craigslist dining table looks quite shabby now in comparison, and we had to raise it up a bit to keep our legs from bumping the table frame because the new chairs are slightly taller. So now I have a new Craigslist alert for a table...
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I've had these from Ikea for over five years and they're still in great shape and very comfortable (I can sit in them for a couple hours when I'm doing work from home). The leather is supportive but not unyielding like some wood chairs. I really recommend them.
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