Jazz Age Songs About Tough Guys
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What are some songs about tough guys, fights, or fearsome figures that would have been recognizable in the U.S. prior to 1933? Details below.

Later examples of the kind of thing I'm looking for would be things like "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" and "You Don't Mess Around with Jim", "Big Boy Pete" and "Big Bad John", "Amos Moses", "Big Iron", or "Mack the Knife". (I know "Mack the Knife" originated in the Threepenny Opera in '28, but even the earliest U.S. release is slightly too late for my purposes.)

So far I've only got "Stagger Lee" - what other jazz or popular standards am I missing? American Yiddish theater songs are in play too.
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Best answer: John Henry? Library of Congress links to some versions here (lower right, "Related items").
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Best answer: It's a little older than you're targeting and more celebratory of the office than the person, but first thought is Behold the Lord High Executioner from Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado (1885)
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Best answer: Depends on whether you are including folk/"hillbilly" for whatever purposes you are seeking this info - lots and lots of such songs including John Hardy, Jesse James, etc. etc. etc.
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"Pretty Boy Floyd," popularized by Woody Guthrie might be worth a listen. Also, possibly, "John Hardy" or "Frankie and Johnny?"
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Best answer: The song Jesse James was first recorded in 1919 per Wikipedia.
(When the Elton John song "I Feel LIke a Bullet in the Gun of Robert Ford" came out, I asked my dad who Robert Ford was. He said, "He's the dirty little coward that shot Howard and laid Jesse James in his grave", which is a slightly incorrect quote from that song.)
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Mack the Knife was written in 1928. Introduced to the US in 1933 when The Threepenny Opera opened in the US.

Probably not widely known prior to 1933.
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"Frankie and Johnny?"

Frankie Baker was not a tough guy but was a woman and may well have been tough :)
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I'm coming up blank but this may help: American folk songs rooted in real events.
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Best answer: Railroad Bill. 1929 version.
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I listen to a lot of old music (pre WWII). I have to say: Nothing is coming to mind outside the songs recommended here. Early popular music tended to have light themes. Folk and country music dealt with darker topics, but jazz? Jazz was fun. Not saying you won't find anything, but trying to say that I can't think of anything and I listen to the stuff a lot.
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Best answer: John Hardy. Carter Family version
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Best answer: Like Frankie Baker, Minnie the Moocher was a woman, and 'the roughest, toughest frail'. Cab Calloway's 1931 recording was a colossal hit
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