Is it possible to find a Suit Today -- Including Alterations?
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It ends up that I have an interview tomorrow, and this morning is time that I have to find a suit that looks nice and also fits well. I've never really done this before, and any in terms of history, any jacket that I try on never fits well and is begging for alterations. Also, pants tend to run a little bit long, even when the dimensions seem right. I'm wondering if there's any way to do this in the time-frame that I'm looking at. I have a few hours this morning and this afternoon, and I'd have to pick it up no later than tomorrow morning. Is this doable? Are there places anyone could recommend? I'm in the LA/Orange County Area. Thank you!
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Not remotely fashion-forward, but Men's Warehouse will do basic alterations within 24 hours. If you get there when they open, they might be able to make your deadline.
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Awesome, that's really helpful.

And just as one additional note: I'm looking within the "seems reasonable" price range, and something more basic, but nice looking. I'm not looking to work fortune 500 or anything.
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Jos. A Banks might, too. Another option is to locate a tailor who is willing to do the work quickly, and buy the suit wherever you like.
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It's not ideal, but fabric tape can put a pretty convincing hem on trousers in 15 minutes without a sewing machine or any skill. Jacket sleeves are going to be the hard part if nothing off the rack fits. Finding old-timey tailors (consider Mexican-American branded wedding shops) and phoning them up to ask about a rush job would be my suggestion. Good luck!
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I feel like i have to say this, but: please do not go to an interview with a taped-up suit. Also, you will absolutely not be able to achieve jacket alterations with fabric tape, and attempts will be obvious. You'll look worse than you would if you didn't have a suit at all.
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Nordstrom’s could do this, although one of the their bigger stores (South Coast, The Americana) would be a better bet for having enough tailors on-premise to make it happen. Make sure to call ahead.
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Depending on your body type, Suit Supply would work. They are nicer than Men's Warehouse and will do same day hemming included in the price. It costs ~$400 after taxes for their basic suit, but it's about the best $400 suit you can get outside of sales/clearances.
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I was in and out of Suitsupply in two hours. Try it or its competitors (Indochino, e.g.) maybe? Good luck!
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Short of some more localized specialty retailer specific to LA, I'd have to second Suit Supply as the surest bet. They specifically advertise that alterations will be completed "while you wait" and they consistently show up as the top or among the top recommendation for well made suits at r/frugalmalefashion. Note that they have different product lines which prices scale dramatically across. If you need something basic, make sure they're showing you something basic. It should be possible to get something between 350-400 retail, more than that and they don't make sense for what you seem to be going for.
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Suit places in general are used to people coming in looking for a suit on short notice because of funerals. I have heard Suit Supply recommended but Men's Wearhouse is totally decent. Call first to make sure they can do the alterations that day.
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Thanks, everyone! I ended up going to Macy's to look around, and I found a good deal on a jacket that looked nice. As I was trying to figure out alterations, the person who was helping me directed to a local tailor who did the work in just a few hours. All ended well, and I'm set! Thanks for the help!

As a side note, I was surprised at the number of people who get their clothes altered as soon as they buy them (there was a line out the door). I've always been a "buy it from the rack only if it fits" person (I actually didn't know there was any other practical way to do it) but my experience was so good, I think I'll buy what I like more often and pay a little bit more to get it to fit right (at least in terms of length of arms and legs).
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I was surprised at the number of people who get their clothes altered as soon as they buy them
This is actually the "normal" way for good clothes, because there are WAY too many variables in people-shape for clothes to fit off the rack for most people. Every suit, jacket, or pair of dress pants I've ever bought in my life has been altered before I wore it.

Welcome to the world of clothes that fit!
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