Sending a physical postcard or letter in China from a digital service
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I regularly work with a few different business partners across China, and I wanted to send them a physical postcard or letter to be delivered within a week or two. Is there an online service I can use that will print my custom message on physical cards/letters, and post them within China?

Regular mail from Europe has been very unreliable in the past, unless i use very expensive courier services like FedEx. I'm looking for something like the equivalent of Postagram, but in China.
I have a credit card, paypal etc... but no Alipay/Wechat pay.
Do you know of any service/company i could use?
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Touchnote ships to China from Australia, so I don't know whether that would be more reliable than Europe, but it should be faster. I've used them in other places and I've found them to be reliable and reasonably fast.
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Thanks, I just sent a couple of cards via touchnote as a test (free trial, yeah!). Let's see how it goes.
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