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Over the past few years, Mort Garson's Plantasia has been on heavy rotation at my house. It's my favorite "walk the dog around the neighborhood" album. I need more; I don't want to burn out on this album.

I am aware of Mort Garson's other albums, and they haven't quite hit me the same way Plantasia has. Ataraxia is good, but there's only a few tracks on there that I really enjoy as much as Plantasia. I've listened to a couple remixes of his work, and that's fine too, but the originals are so, so perfect.

The closest I've been able to find are a couple albums I really like by Shigeo Sekito. His Special Sounds Vol 1 and Vol 2 are really good, but sometimes they tend to drift more towards a Herb Alpert zone (which is good, but doesn't quite scratch that itch the same way Plantasia does). Jean Michael Jarre and Tangerine Dream both have a few albums perennially on rotation too, but these are a bit darker and drawn out than Garson's stuff. They're both really good, but bigger, darker and more cinematic than I'm looking for.

I'm basically looking for more fun, playful, light, mellow, psychedelic, synth-y jams (lyrics are fine, but instrumentals are really what I'm looking for)...I'm way out of my depth in this genre and could use some guidance.
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Mark Mothersbaugh comes to mind.

Maybe some Brian Eno
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Maybe you can build a playlist on YouTube compiling the pieces you are enjoying? I started looking for Wendy Carlos there and came across someone else who did a couple of Bach pieces on the Moog in her style.
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Less on the nose but all give me a similar feeling:
Jean Jacques Perrey
Relly Coloma
Dominic Cortese (not a single synth on this one but give it a whirl)
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (contemporary, a little more out there, so so so good)
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Some of these may be too goofy or veer too far into Herb Alpert territory, but bheck out:
Dick Hymen
Jean Jacques Perry
Moog Cookbook
Logan's Sanctuary
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Advanced Listening: Haruomi Hasono, Watering a Flower (my recommendation is the first track specifically, but linking to the full “album” because the comment section also happens to be one of the best things on the internet).
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I was also thinking early-mid 80's Haruomi Hosono.

Also some of the 70s European library music, esp. Nino Nardini, but maybe also the more electronic side of Piero Umiliani (ie this album under the Moggi alias). No idea about digital availability on that type of stuff though.
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Terry Riley - A Rainbow in Curved Air
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The album “Euphonie” by Ojard does the same for me. My husband’s comment: “More grow music?”
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The album Who Are You by E Ruscha V has a different vibe but hits a lot of the same spots for me.
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Ray Lynch- Deep Breakfast
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