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Cooking mefites: Decades ago I frequented a German cafe that served what they called "nusstorte" (nut tart). I'm still dreaming about it, but when I Google nusstorte it's something completely different.

It was a small nut-packed tart. It contained several types of whole nuts and seeds densely packed into a shortcrust, with a not-too-sweet sticky stuff holding it all together. (This sticky stuff in no way resembled the vaguely gelatinous stuff in a typical pecan pie, which I loathe.) No top crust. NO chocolate. A tiny slice was enough because it had so many nuts in it.

It looked something like this one from Splendid Table.

Do you have a tried-and-true recipe for a dense, delicious, and not-too-sweet nut/seed tart with no top crust? Please share!
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It sounds like you had an Engardiner Nusstorte, or maybe a slightly nuttier variation thereof.
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But wait, you said no top crust... Then I got nuthin'.
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Bon Appetit Nut/Seed Tart (also at Epicurious)
(Similar: Rustic Nut Tart)
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They have those in the bakery in my town. They’re called tarte aux noix. Like this?

In French but google will translate. It’s essentially nuts bound with caramel in a shortbread crust.
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I think this is the German "false friend" Torte leading you down the wrong path – a Torte is a cake, while a Tarte is a tart. When I google Nusstarte I get lots of hits for what you describe.

I live in Berlin and occasionally when my SO orders a slice of Nusstorte, she gets a slice of Nusstarte (exactly as you've described) instead, and has the same feelings about it, but in reverse.
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