View Excel data like a Form (read-only) but within Teams
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I have a Microsoft Team for my large research team that features a very wide Excel spreadsheet containing details about each of our study subjects. As the "Keeper of the Data," I've locked the spreadsheet down so that it is Read-Only. How can I make a Form view of the rows contained in this spreadsheet so that my team members can quickly browse for the study subject in question, and see data presented in an easy-to-read view? Challenge: I want this to be viewable from within our Team. Form view (via regular Excel) doesn't appear to work in the Team version of Excel.
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Is PowerBI an option?
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@mosst, I'm not sure. I have create/edit access to Power BI, but my Teammates may only have view-only access. Also, I want to make sure that any add-on applications I use are as secure as Sharepoint/Teams, as the data are sensitive.

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If you have access to Sharepoint, you should be able to upload the sheet to a read only Sharepoint page. You can then attach that Sharepoint page to a tab in your team and have it permanently available. It's available in Teams as an app named Sharepoint.
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To clarify my earlier answer: I think PowerBI is likely to be good for this - I've seen similar uses - but don't know the tool well enough to make specific recommendations for how to go about it.

It's part of the Office suite, so should integrate well enough with Teams and should be on the same security level as Sharepoint or other online-Office products.
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