Seeking skin-safe double-sided silicone tape
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Silicone can be produced in a way that makes it sticky without leaving a residue. You see this in silicone nipple covers (possibly NSFW example), and also in double-sided nano tape. I believe silicone scar tape is similar. I'm looking for a product that is double-sided like the nano tape but skin safe, like the nipple covers and scar tape. Anyone have any suggestions?

I want to use the material to temporarily attach something to my body without involving glue. I realize the bond won't be very strong, but that's fine for what I have in mind. (There will be clothing holding things in place, too.)

Can anyone recommend a product like this? A silicone nipple cover that was sticky on both sides would be perfect. But I haven't been able to find anything like that.
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Hmm - I have never seen anything like this. For theatre and costuming, adhesive tape is the way we deal with this, with Topstick toupee tape the gold standard. I can verify that it has been used to adhere just about anything to various body parts - costumes, mic wires, microphones (miniature), and yes, hairpieces.

While not "glue" topstick does have strong adhesive and can irritate skin especially when used on the same patch of skin over and over. Some people find a barrier cream applied first minimizes the irritation. I've heard that Monistat has a dry-finish anti-chafing cream that works wonders for protecting the skin for various wardrobe issues.

That said - I'll guess that the nipple covers, while single-sided, might still work if you double them up and stick two nipple pads back-to-back with another double stick tape in the middle, and the two "sticky" surfaces facing outward. Like a sandwich - with the covers as the bread, and standard topstick in the middle.
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Not sure if this stuff is silicone, but things like this have come up before for holding socks up or keeping your underwear from slipping down.
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Sounds like you want to same kind of tape used to secure breast forms. There's a variety of kinds and I'll leave it to you to wade through reviews.
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