Trying to find recent scholarly articles on Bloc Quebecois's resurgence?
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I am trying to find some scholarly academic (peer-reviewed) articles on the Bloc Quebecois's resurgence in the Canadian parliament.

With the resurgence of the Bloc Quebecois, will there be greater support for sovereignty among Quebeckers? Will this contribute to a possible future referendum on Quebec sovereignty with this ongoing BQ resurgence? I am looking for articles from 2019 to 2020.
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A quick clarification question, do you read French/are French-language articles acceptable?
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Response by poster: @andrewesque I do not read nor speak French, alas!
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Have you tried doing a search on Érudit? And yeah not reading or speaking French is going to be tough with this search.
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Unless things are different in Canada, expecting full peer reviewed and published articles on something that happened last year is a bit unrealistic. I bet someone is in the process of writing this article or it's in pre print but it won't have been peer reviewed yet.

I think you would have better luck looking for quasi-academic articles in political magazines or quarterly periodicals from professional organizations. I don't know what those would be in Canada though.
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If you're currently enrolled at a Canadian university, have a word with a university librarian and tell them that you'd like to do a journal search for relatively recent English-language political science journal articles on the electoral performance of the BQ. They'll show you where and how to look because university librarians are good like that.
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Julián Castro-Rea and Jessica Weller "Is the Québec Secession Movement Dead? Perspectives After Canada’s 2015 Federal Election".

This is a chapter in an edited volume published in January 2019 and discussing the 2015 election. As others have said, research and peer-review take time, so there is unlikely to be anything this early addressing your questions about the 2019 election.

Generally, the best academic research examining Canadian federal elections is the Canadian Election Study. Keep on eye on them in the coming year or two, but don't expect much this early.
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