How do I get a notification for emails from a single email address?
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How do I get alerts on an iphone when I receive emails from a specific email address?

I occasionally receive emails that have a *first come, first served* component. The emails always come from the same email address. I would like to set up alerts/notifications to make sure I know as soon as these emails arrive. I use gmail. I have an iphone with the native mail app, and the gmail app. I also have IFTTT on my phone.

What is the best way to set up sounds, notifications, etc. to be triggered when emails arrive from this email account?
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In the native iOS app, set that one email account as a "VIP" account, and you can set it up with whatever notifications you want.
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Does your carrier support forward to text? I have gmail set up to forward emails from certain addresses to *myphonenumber* but I don't know if that's something every carrier offers (also, mine does it for free - I don't know if I'd pay for that feature)
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Part of my job as a Site Reliability Engineer involves responding to specific alerts quickly. We have systems that send emails, and people who are supposed to process them. Pretty standard sysadmin stuff, but the principle can be applied more broadly. We have pages set up for when code change requests haven't been reviewed within 24h, management has a few about their own KPIs, etc. In a past job we also set up email aliases to route to the alerting system, and gave those out to key customers for emergencies.

I don't know the frequency, urgency, content or importance of your emails, but if you want to go down this rabbit hole, this category is called 'Alert Management' and most popular tool appears to be PagerDuty. This is a paid service with a free app to install, and would be intercepting this email. Depending on your use case that may be a deal breaker. If price is a deal breaker, there are also competitors in the Alert Management space with free tiers. The app itself has customizable tones, and you can see your open alert queue.

The way this could work is you set up a rule in gmail, such that every email with a From: header that matches is sent to your inbox *and also forwarded to a PagerDuty email address*. You can set up a schedule for which hours you would like to be paged, how often you want to be renotified until you acknowledge the page, and what notification channels to use -- it supports SMS, phone calls, and app based alert notifications, and I get all three (annoyingly).

That said, if you just want to be first in line for concert tickets, this may be overkill.
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