Zen story... possibly from Xen Cuts?
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About 25 years ago, there was a track that mashed up hip-hop beats with a Zen-like story (Jack Kornfield?) about a bug who lived his life in carpet fibre, and only when getting scooped up by a... bird?... could see the beautiful pattern of the carpet. Do you know what track that was? It may have been on the Ninja Tune Xen Cuts compilation.
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Hex - Harmonic (Coldcut remix)
Looks like the YT link is only an excerpt. Thanks for helping me sharpen my google fu skills to track this down. I was a big Ninjatune fan and had never heard of this, but loved Food and Coldcut's work with Nordine and others.
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Fantastic! The better news is I actually own the album... I just didn't know how to find it!
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Ohhh, an opportunity to link to the greatest NinjaTune beat of all time, by Sixtoo:


(starts 2m24s in)
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