Amazon replacement for missing package confusion
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I ordered some things on amazon, and the package never showed. Then I talked to customer service, who said they would "make it right", and sent me replacements, successfully. However, it appears that this might have been opened as a return: I see them in "my returns" with status "replacement requested", and the reorder email seemed to imply I should return the items. The question, before I try to wade through amazon's customer service process again is: is this normal for a replacement for a missing package? Or did they likely misunderstand me and/or initiate the replacement wrong?

Background info: Obviously I cannot return the items. (This was a sunday delivery, which I should've known better than to let happen because of reliability issues; and either it was delivered and left outside -- not supposed to happen for my building because this is Baltimore, or just not delivered at all.) I've found it really difficult to figure out the processes for missing packages at amazon via any search I've done. This is a fairly trivial amount of money. My interaction with customer service was via chat, and I foolishly did not screenshot the chat, since it seemed at the time like the customer service agent (*probably* not a bot) understood exactly.

Also, if this isn't how a replacement for a missing package is supposed to work, what's the best way to resolve this? (I guess maybe try phone instead of chat?)
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When my expensive electronic device from Amazon went missing (signed for by a squiggle), Amazon processed the replacement as a return. I think that's just how it's done.

I never managed to get anywhere by phone, but they responded promptly when I posted a public nastygram to their Facebook page about their delivery, or lack thereof.
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Definitely call them and get it straightened out. When this happened to me, they assured me that everything was taken care of and I’d have no further hassles. Then a month later they charged my credit card for the “missing return item.” I was livid, but one phone call was all it took to get the charge refunded to me. They should have a record of your previous chat, and when the phone call is finished, the agent should email you to confirm in writing what was promised.
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I’ve had this happen once or twice, and the return email told me what to do if the original item eventually arrived. So if it didn’t have working to that effect, I would get back in touch and make sure it’s handled the right way.
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Yeah, I had this happen with a severely damaged perishable item that could not be returned. The initial agent said it was all taken care of, but processed it as a return, and eventually, a month later, I got an email asking me to return it by a certain date or I'd be charged. I opened another chat with customer service and they added a note to the file for that item and return and it was all resolved. For now, unless Amazon emails you later asking you to return the item or they'll charge you, you can ignore that it's being processed as a return. If Amazon does send you an email or otherwise charge you, then you should chat with customer service again.
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Thanks for the help everyone; I felt licensed enough by the responses here to just ignore it for a month, since people have had success getting the charge reversed after that even if it was originally screwed up. I have apparently not been charged (it's been a month + a few days), so I think it's all good. I marked everyone correct since all of the anecdotes were useful for understanding (/overthinking) the amazon return system, but in this case I guess the most best answer for my specific case was probably basalganglia "amazon processed the replacement as a return. I think that's just how it's done." I'm guessing there might be some extra things they can check or not check that lead to it working correctly or not down the line.
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