Recommend video or media showing real people brainstorming/collaborating
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I finally identified an itch I've had for years. I am entranced when I see video of people brainstorming & I often daydream about having been a fly on the wall when great ideas were hatched and/or fleshed out. Help me scratch that itch by recommending things to watch, read, listen to or search for!

I am open to any slice of life (ordinary or grand); the arts, engineering, business planning, branding development etc.

Thank you for your time!
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Perhaps an hour of the Bon Appetit staff brainstorming ideas for the perfect pizza?
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The BBC Series Connections, with James Burke is really old, but it was great, a lot, maybe all, is on youtube.
Another British series Tim Hunkin: Secret life of Machines is also on youtube. It's peculiar and engaging.
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I don't watch a lot of these but what about world building streams/videos for people planning out new RPG campaigns? It's probably just my YouTube interests but it seems like there are tons out there.
Example from Matt Colville
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Apollo 13 was all about people collaborating to solve some life-threatening problems in a hurry.
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How about watching Simone Giertz and collaborators turn her Tesla into Truckla? And plenty more Simone Giertz where that came from, including her recent coffee table build that was inspired by a brainstorming session with her online audience.

If that's the right sort of thing, maybe also try Ali Spagnola's song covers or Claire Saffitz's gourmet junk food videos.
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The one-season only television show Big Brain Theory is really really good for this.
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I can recommend a couple podcasts that might scratch the itch: Our Debut Album (review) for songwriting and Story Break for screenwriting.
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