LEGO Land California, on the cheap(er)?
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We're heading to southern California this summer, and we're pricing out various attractions and events. We're skipping Disneyland because of the price, and the crowds. LEGO Land is a must, but summer tickets are almost as expensive as Disneyland. Does anyone have suggestions on how to cut that cost? More details below.

We being two adults, and two kids (5 and 8). We might have another adult or two join us, max.

I see that if we go earlier in the year it's cheaper, but that's not an option. I also found Go City LA pass, which covers LEGO Land, and for a one-day pass would be cheaper than buying directly. There aren't other attractions that currently make a multi-day pass make sense for us (we're thinking we'll get one major destination per day, and the rest that we're interested in and are covered aren't particularly major).

Are there any other ways to get discount passes for LEGO Land California in the summer? Thanks!
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We went a few years ago and wound up buying a Go San Diego pass through Costco for a decent discount (looks like we paid $99 per adult and $87 per kid). We got a 2-day pass and used it for Legoland and the San Diego Zoo. The kids loved all of it. We stayed at the resort across the street from Legoland and walked over, which also saved us a bunch of money compared to either driving in and paying to park or paying the premium to stay at the hotel at the park.
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aaa has discounts for members
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Best answer: I feel like I've seen various 2 for 1 coupons at our local library and sometimes in the lego magazine, etc. Sometimes it's 2 days for the price of 1 and includes another park (legoland + sealife) and sometimes it's a free child with a paid adult, etc.
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A few years ago, I got a discount ticket coupon (for a free kid admission with paid adult) from a LEGO catalog that came in my actual mail. Legoland is awesome.
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Best answer: I am pretty sure if you sign your kid up for the Lego mailing list, they'll get neat magazines that pretty much always have a "kids are free to legoland with one full-priced adult ticket". They usually have those coupons on the bags for the $3 checkout-stand lego mini-sets at Target. We've had luck with (southern california) Costco tickets too.
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1. Work corporate discounts. Or ask any friends or family members who work at large corporations if they have access to a company discount. Many large corporations have some type of contract with discount companies and you can get decent discounts on a lot of things that way.
2. AAA
3. PTA member discounts.
4. I think fast food places often run stuff with coupons for Legoland.
5. Mousesavers has a comprehensive list of discounts, actually.
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We used the kids-get-in-free-with-adult-ticket coupon from the free Lego magazine, but check the fine print, it didn’t apply to the base admission price. We had to do a park/waterpark combo, which was still less expensive than buying 4 tickets.
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Just last week, we bought tickets to Legoland from Sam's Club for $96 each. The tickets are two-day passes for Legoland and Sea Life Aquarium, if you so desire. It was the cheapest option of all the ones I researched.
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For a data point, on in Summer 2018 I paid $105 each for 3-day Legoland Cal. passes that included the aquarium and waterpark. If you go that route, wait until closer to your trip to buy as their passes and deals often come with dates attached. Here's the page where it would show up.
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I went to Legoland in September and we had the go pass that combined the trip to Legoland with Balboa Park. Which is to say, my mom bought this pass, did not print out the tickets to it, and did not have email on her phone. It took us over an hour to sort out the resulting mess and then get into the park. because using a third party vendor Causes Problems, apparently. I don't have good tips on deals per se, but I'll warn you that using a third party vendor can be an issue to literally get into Legoland.
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Assuming you also need a hotel: there are hotels right off I-5 at Poinsetta Drive that are much, much cheaper than the park hotels and you're only about 10 minutes from the park.
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We just saved about 30$ a head at Legoland Florida buying tickets from Costco. It was a better deal than anything currently on the Mousesavers newsletter. From eelgrassman's link, there's this deal for $119.00
Enjoy 12 Months of unlimited admission to LEGOLAND® California, LEGOLAND Water Park and SEA LIFE® aquarium
First visit on or before March 31,2020
Blackout dates December 26, 2020-January 1,2021
Two 1-Day Resort Hopper Buddy Tickets valid through March 31, 2020, blackout dates apply
I'm not sure how the California park compares in size to the Florida park, but had the water park been open, we would have needed at least two days. We arrived at the park opening time and managed to squeak out 1 show and all the open rides (I think, might have missed one or two) by the 5pm winter closing time.
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The aquarium is very very small. And one day is enough to see all of Legoland. Here’s a link for the Lego magazine Have fun!
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