Batch (while viewing) crop pictures and resave to google photos?
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What's the easiest/quickest way to take an album of google photos and create a second album with COPIES of those photos that are cropped to 4x6. I would like to view/approve each crop, though having an initial crop just set that I can just approve if it's fine would be great. I am aware that I will likely need to download the pics and re-upload, though online-based solutions are fine, too. I want copies, not just non-destructive editing. Windows. Android.
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I went to some mid-scale photo shop for printing.
- I had to bring the originals on a thumb drive.
- a machine did something like this - tried an initial crop and let you select it or rotate/scale.
- it inserted white space any h:w != 4:6.
- After printing, I manually cropped whitespace with a paper cutter.
- Dunno if I could have downloaded results.

Good luck!
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Response by poster: Yeah printing is why I want it. I got a printer, I can print photos for "free" but it's auto-cropping, selectng the the worst possible crops (heads consistently cut off). The number of clicks required to fix the crop is super-annoying if you're printing anything more than one picture. So I want to feed it pre-cropped pictures. And the interface other print facilities use (e.g. snapfish and such) is kind of what I'm hoping for. Here's a screenplay of pics with a crop show. Change any you like. Then save.
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My solution would be to use ImageMagick and a script to either pad them to the right proportion with a white rectangle (that gets you the whole image but you waste some of the page) or to produce a small number of standard crops (e.g. off one end and the other) and then use the file browser to pick the ones you want.

Unfortunately, this is not something a non-technical user can do easily. I don't know your computer skill level so I'm not sure how helpful this is.

(Although if you trust me with copies of your pictures, I could probably hack together something in half an hour or so and do the conversion for you. Memail me if you're interested.)
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