Open Legs as a Power Move
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Watching the Superbowl Halftime show with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira reminded me of the Superbowl Halftime show with Beyoncé in 2013. Their dance routines were punctuated by open leg moves directed at the audience.

At least two decades ago, there were lots of conversations happening in the media about women taking possession of their personal space. I wonder when this move in particular became part of the female dancer-singer repertoire? I seem to remember beginning to notice it after the Vagina Monologues in 1996. And when I first saw a performer do it; maybe it was Janet Jackson, I thought, that's a move of personal power.
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Best answer: Madonna in Express Yourself and Open Your Heart. 1989 and 1986 respectively.
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Best answer: First thought for legs-as-power-move would be Tina Turner for sure. Obviously a major influence on Beyoncé.

In the music video era my first thought was also Madonna's Open Your Heart (1986) as well as Paula Abdul's Cold Hearted from 1989. Abdul also choreographed Janet Jackson's videos between those years.

The choreography in those two videos is pretty heavily Fosse-inspired so I'm sure there's prior art in something like Sweet Charity, Cabaret, or Chicago (and in turn reaching back to Weimar Germany etc).
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