Going pantsless at work
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Seeking your favorite recommendations stretchy yoga-stretchy-esque pants masquerading as structured pants. Slim leg pants work best on my body type, but I'd consider other styles as well. I recently discovered jeggings and I'm eager to convert my entire collection of bottoms into things that feel like pajamas all day. Betabrand is the obvious recommendation, but it's a little expensive for me -- what else might I try?
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Best answer: I live in Uniqlo legging pants for this exact reason. Super easy, comfortable, and they hold up pretty okay for the price so far. Plus the heattech ones are legitimately great if you live in a cold climate!
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I avoid slim leg so I don’t have a specific recommendation. But I think having “ponte” as part of your search will help. The ponte knit pants I have are comfy/stretchy like yoga pants, but thicker (hide bumps/lines) and more structured. A quick “ponte slim leg pants” search had lots of hits of different price points and aesthetics/age brackets. FWIW mine are boot cut and came from Torrid (their smallest size is equivalent to a size 10 in US women’s). They appear to have slim leg options.
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Best answer: Anything labelled "Ponte" fabric ie, ponte trousers/pants or ponte leggings. Betabrand's initial pants were made from this fabric. There are alot of different price points and most feel pretty much the same. Even Costco was carrying ponte pants.
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If you're looking for ponte pants that could go to the office, try Lands' End. Not too expensive.
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Best answer: Seconding Uniqlo legging pants! I have multiples of their black pair for everything, including work, and it's nice to wear pants that I'm not dying to remove as soon as I get home.
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They are a bit expensive, but the Lululemon Jetsetters pants are this for me. Elastic waist, but slim leg (not legging) that look polished enough for work, but are still very much not-real-pants.
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Best answer: If you want to try the Betabrand (or others) at a lower price, try looking on Poshmark.
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NYDJ tend to be a bit expensive, but in my experience they hold up best to wearing and washing (no permanent stretched knees) and are really thick and not cling. I am not at all self conscious in them at work or in professional settings whereas I as in the Betabrand yoga pants. YMMV.

NYDJ offer trouser cut, as well as slim leg, as well as leggings as well as jeans. I find you really do have to size down in them (I wear a 2 or 4 in NYDJ, a 2XS in Universal Standard and a 10, 12 or 14 in every other pair of pants I've ever tried on). Nordstrom is where I buy them.
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This is a few days late, so you may not see this, but I love these Rafaella pants for when I need to be a tiny bit dressier than my usual jeans or leggings+sweater. There should be non-petite versions floating around too, if you need those. The pockets aren't real, unfortunately, but otherwise, they are super comfortable and look just like normal dress pants.
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