Women's flats and sandals in the Blundstone spirit
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Thanks to Ask MeFi, I'm the proud owner of these Blundstones. So I have durable, comfortable, and stylish shoes to cover me through fall, winter, and early spring. Can you recommend flats and sandals in a similar vein for the warmer months? I'm seeking flats and sandals. Parameters inside.

- I'm a woman with feet of "normal" width, size 9.
- I walk 2 miles a day in NYC.
- Seeking no/low heels only.
- My workplace is a casual dress office. At the same time, I'm looking for footwear that is versatile enough to pair not only with trousers but dresses and skirts as well, which I can do with my Blundstone boots.
- Should be water-resistant.
- For spring shoes, am open to flats, oxfords, loafers, and similar styles.
- For sandals, I prefer a closed heel. The sound and feeling of the sole going slap-slap-slap against my heel drives me a bit crazy.
- Price range: $100-ish

Thank you kindly!
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Pons avarcas are my go-to versatile summer shoe- sleek, comfy, leather. I work in fashion but travel light sometimes and they are perfect for that. And despite the sling back they are not slappy.

I have black and hot pink, but depends on your wardrobe- the chocolate is lovely too and there are so many options
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Best answer: I’m a fellow Blundstone wearer in the winter and I basically lived in these Tevas last summer (the black ones with the white sole). They’re pretty casual but I definitely wore them with dresses.
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Best answer: I have Keens Rose sandals that are pretty and I can wear them all day, walk, dance, whatever.
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Best answer: I'd look at Abeo sandals - I have these Bea style ones, they're super comfortable, great for walking, and look nice with dresses/skirts. I'm not sure what exactly you're looking for in terms of being water resistant - they have leather uppers so I wouldn't wear them to the pool, but they've gotten wet in the rain and been totally fine.

If you don't like this particular style I'd still look at the brand generally, as I think they have several styles that would work for you.
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Best answer: Fellow Blundstones addict. I find that Fly London shoes are exceptional quality, and interesting looking. They are so comfortable that even their low wedges (they have many styles that pair a 3 inch wedge heel with a 1 inch platform) feel as comfy as sneakers and I've walked miles in them with happy feet. Here are some of their sandals. They have a zillion styles so you might want to check a few sites.
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Best answer: Birkenstock do a range of flats and sandals as well as the flip flops.
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