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iTunes novice seeks professional help with a possibly non-trivial setup.

My music archive is stored on a network drive (let's say \\server\mp3), and this share is mapped to Z: (Windows XP). I know iTunes can't automatically sense when new music is added, but I'm tired of having to manually select new folders to "import" into the library, especially since I just finished adding the last 50+ CDs from my collection to the network drive.

So here are my questions:
1) How do I delete the iTunes library "index" and create it again from scratch, using the recently-updated network share, without running the risk of deleting the actual mp3s?

2) Any advice on how to keep two instances of iTunes (on different PCs) synchronized?

PS: I've disabled the "let iTunes manage my music collection" option. Should I consider re-enabling? All of my music is already sorted by artist, then album, and all ID3 tags are accurate
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iTunes always keeps your "index" and your music in your My Music folder. If that is not where you want to keep it, you need to use something like Tweak UI to change where your comupter thinks the My Music folder is. If you change it to the same place for both computers (like a folder on the network share), you should only have to add folders once, and it will automatically be synced up on the other computer. The problem is, you will always have to "Add Folders" if you add new music through a means other than iTMS download or ripping from within iTunes. The good news is it remembers the folder you last added, so if you keep adding music to the same folder, you won't have to navigate to it each time.
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Oh, you'll probably want to uninstall iTunes, do the Tweak UI thing, and then reinstall iTunes. It will then automatically put its index in the right place.
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Hrm. My music is NOT in my "My Music" folder. I know this because my laptop hard drive is only 40 gigs, and I have over 100 gigs of music. Also, choosing "Get Info" from one of the items in the library shows that it's located on "Z:".
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Found and removed the index - let's see if that does it....
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Your music can be anywhere, it certainly doesn't have to be in the "My Music" folder.

The key preference is that one which says, when you add music files to your library, whether the files should be physically copied to your Music folder or not. If you haven't chosen that option, you music can be in a hundred different places. So there's no need to use some special utility.

Found and removed the index - let's see if that does it....

Now you need to "Add To Library" from the File menu to get the index to update to the current contents of that drive. But there's no way, as others have said, of doing this automatically when new content is added.
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one thing you might consider as the master server for your music:


last i checked, this software was free; written in perl so it runs everywhere (windows, linux, mac, BSD, whatever.) it actually does rescan your music folder automagically, and you can connect to it via iTunes. i dont know if it actually runs a DAAP server (what iTunes uses to share music) or if it just looks like a streaming radio station to iTunes.

i guess another thing to do would be to install an open source DAAP server on your music server machine and then every iTunes client would see the library and playlists that exist on the server.
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