What gift can I get for my wife to celebrate her new job as a librarian?
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My wife recently began a job as a librarian at an elementary school in our area. She graduated with a Masters in Library Science about 10 years ago and this is the first job as a librarian that she's been able to land, mostly because jobs have been really hard to find in our area. She absolutely loves her job and I've never seen her happier. I want to get her some kind of librarian-related gift to celebrate, but I have no idea what to get her. Does anyone have any ideas?
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A Book pendant necklace or charm? I also see search terms for Book Lovers pendants.
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If you have not already, reading Orleans’ The Library Book might be a great way to fully appreciate her transition if the switch is very different from your frame of reference. It’s a love letter to libraries, including how they are migrating to the digital age. It could be a good shared listen and conversation starter on a road trip or while doing a quieter project like painting a room.
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When I was in elementary school, the librarian's husband built a reading nook in the library, and we painted it.

There is probably something specific she wants that her school can't/won't pay for.
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This is an absolutely adorable question and I love it. I'll give a couple of answers.

First, when I got my first library job, my wife and daughter got me some variant of this t-shirt, which I love.

Second, I suspect a school librarian will have to wear some sort of lanyard with an ID badge, and many of the librarians I work with enjoy decorating their lanyard with enamel pins. There are a bunch of book-related ones for sale on the website I linked above, or there are millions of other options all over the internet.

More practically, Rep. Lemming above has the best answer in that I'm sure there is something her library could use, even if it is just a few extra bucks added to their collections budget. Does she have a supervisor or coworker that you could slyly get in touch with to see how best to manage that sort of gift?
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I’m a librarian and, although I don’t work with the public, I love the posters and bookmarks at the American Library Association’s store. They also have continuing education books on myriad flavors of librarianship and resources to help her with program activities, readers’ advisory, and collection management. Since school budgets are tight and these resources can be expensive, she may not have many available and they could very well be outdated.
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Inspired by the book necklace idea above, I love antique chatelaine notebooks- tiny usable silver notebooks that can hang as pendants. Not specifically about a library, but a beautiful memento. Also fairly expensive, though.
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On the light side, the webcomics Unshelved and Library Comic have some fun schwag, like card catalog USB sticks, Pokeman parody gotta read 'em all shirt, bookdrop and card catalog lego, and enamel pins with book trucks and other library delights.

Also: the anarchist librarian (first A is the anarchy symbol) from the librarian rap battle from the webcomic Little Dee.
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Shushing Librarian Action figure.
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Definately check Etsy. The crafters there can create beautiful art for her desk. Like a picture frame or planter with her name, a cartoon and librarian on it
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Are you sure she’ll want a librarian-related gift? Anyway, I’d suggest a really nice mug, maybe with a kid, and a nice water bottle she can keep at work. With a book theme. Practical and cute.
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Here are some great ideas.

Just saw this comic about libraries and librarians on Instagram yesterday; thought you (and her) might like it!
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The BL sells nice bound notebooks with the quote from Einstein embossed “The only thing you absolutely have to know is the location of the library”. Perhaps you can find an equivalent somewhere closer than London.
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I'm a librarian and I get a lot of joy from a few gifts I've gotten: these librarian pins and these librarian socks.
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I’d suggest a really nice mug, maybe with a kid

With... a lid. Not a kid.
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Litographs sells t-shirts (and scarves, and tote bags) printed with the full text of various books.
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Would she like skirts or dresses with booksy prints?
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I am an elementary school librarian and I love all things library related. Svaha clothing company has many pieces in a Dewey Decimal print. They also have bookshelf dresses- kids get a kick out of librarians dressing like their job. On Etsy their are also great book earrings- this artist has Captain Underpants ones. NYPL has a great gift shop online too.
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Is she a Parks and Rec fan? Etsy has a number of "punk ass book jockey" items (example).

If you want to go bigger, it's worth checking your local craigslist for an antique library drawer set (such as this).
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Pashmina scarves printed to look like a library due date slip, linked here in 2 different fabric weights, each with a variety of color options.
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When my wife graduated with her MLS degree, my dad got her Patience and Fortitude bookends. Awesome.
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