New hotness in travel metasearch?
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For a few years I've been using Hipmunk, not necessarily to book but at least to find out what's available between my base and a destination. Now Hipmunk has shut down and I'm lost. What are the good travel meta-search engines now?

I know about Kayak but I don't care for their presentation nor the fact that they direct me to agencies in the UAE. I also know about Expedia and Rome2Rio.
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Have you tried Google Flights? It’s pretty solid. I use that or Kayak. I preferred Kayak but my husband and all our friends use Google Flights so when we plan trips, those are the links they send me.
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Seconding google flights. I used to use kayak much more, and still do sometimes, but lately I have been using google more and more. Their interface for search is better, gives you more options and information.

I don’t really love supporting google’s takeover of the world, but you gotta admit they have some solid products.
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ITA matrix seems to still be going strong. (Apparently it powers Google flights, but maybe you'll prefer one interface over the other.)
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I like skyscanner.
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Scott's Cheap Flights is a pretty great little email subscription, if you just want to be kept abreast of the best deals from your local airports. I booked one flight from it and the savings will pay for about 6 more years of subscription.
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My understanding is that Kayak, Google Flights, ye olde Hipmunk and even SkyScanner all use the ITA Matrix as their source. So it comes down, mostly, to interface.
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Thanks all. Looks like Skyscanner will be it, for a trial period at least.
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