BBC show about productive discussion of abortion
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I'm trying to find a BBC show (probably a half hour or an hour) which was about a process of randomly chosen and then vetted citizens discussing abortion. I *think* this led to the laws being liberalized.

I wish I remembered more details, but there was somewhat about the process being handled with enough care that even citizens who didn't follow it in detail believed it was done in good faith.

The show was aired in the US some weeks ago.
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Could it have been When Citizens Assemble, about the 2016 citizen's assembly in Ireland? (Wikipedia summary of the issue here).

It's not made by the BBC, and I don't know about US air dates, but if it's not that doc, then it might be a different one on the same topic.
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Deliberative Democracy?

Is there a better way to heal political divides - through panels of ordinary citizens? Sonia Sodha asks if the idea of citizens' assemblies, which have been used around the world to come up with solutions to polarising issues. Proponents argue that they avoid the risks of knee-jerk legislation, winner-takes-all outcomes or the pull of populism. Many in the Republic of Ireland believe that deliberative democracy was crucial in reforming the law on abortion without causing major political upheavals. Could this method still come up with a better way forward for Brexit?
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