Looking for a '70s-era futurist documentary
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I'm racking my brain trying to come up with the name of a documentary, I believe from the '70s although it could have been from the early '80s, in which futurists were asked for their predictions. I remember them saying that the most valuable assets in the future would be drugs (in the sense of performance-enhancing, I think) and information. It's not Future Shock.

My dad used to talk about this movie a lot. He's recently passed and I can't ask him the name, but I actually don't remember him using the name, so he may not have remembered it in any case. He described it as being the summary of the views of several different futurists, who were asked to come up with predictions. It may have asked them about a specific year, which may have been in the name. And I remember him being very impressed by the idea, and impressing on me the idea, that they had predicted that the most valuable things in the future would be drugs and information. This was pre-internet, so Dad saw the prediction of the value of information coming true.

As I said I think it was from the '70s, but I guess it could have been anywhere from the late '60s to the very early '80s. For some reason the film is linked to the movie Phase IV in my mind, but that very well may be a random and non-helpful thing. I remember him describing it as a movie but it may have been a TV movie or perhaps even a miniseries.

Any help is appreciated. It has become impossible in the year 2020 to search the internet and get back informative responses in a reasonable way. Everything I've done just returns listicles about 66 greatest docs of all time, or whatever. Or articles about the movie Future Shock.
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What country are you in? There was a futurist doc TV series in Canada called Here Comes the 70s, but it was a series, each episode looking at a different topic about the future. Aired 1970-1973.
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Response by poster: What country are you in?

Sorry, yes, should have mentioned. This would have been in the US.
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