What's the best wallet pen out there?
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What's the best wallet pen out there? (That is, a pen that clips inside of your wallet)
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Response by poster: Aw man..coulda sworn that link looked just right in preview..:P
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The Zebra mini pen has been my faithful companion for years. The clip is flimsy, but the pen works just fine without it if it breaks. It writes like a dream. Also endorsed by Lifehacker's Gina Trapani.
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This Aluminum Mini Pen
is sturdier, with a satisfying clicking action, at the cost of being about 50% fatter.
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I like this one middle of page
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Forget about wallet pen - how about a keychain pen?

I've had a swiss army knife with built in tiny pen for years and it works great! Like this one

If you want a mini pen-pen, swiss army company (victoriox, i think) makes those too
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Check out the hipster-pda page, down at the bottom them have a link to a bunch of pens (under supplies) that fit the bill.
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I suggest you buy a space pen bullet - it can write upside down.
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I haven't tried one but I saw the FoldzFlat Pen on Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools:

It's a plastic pen shaped like an airplane that folds flat and sort of clips together to make a sturdy shape. It folds once lengthwise to fit in your wallet. Then, to write with it, you snap little plastic notches together inside so that you have three reinforced surfaces.

I used to carry a Space Pen in my wallet, but I reduced the size of my wallet and a Space Pen no longer fits.
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I see the guy who developed the FoldzFlat is selling a stainless steel version for $9.95
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I carry the Rotring Esprit Mini in a David Allen designed wallet built around it:


and the pen is here:


(though I've seen the pen cheaper elsewhere)


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This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but I modified my wallet so that I could attach my Fisher Space Pen to the bottom of it. Here are some pictures on Flickr.
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The bullet space pens are good. they are basically a little less than 1/2 the size of a normal pen when collapsed. I found a wallet/bullet pen combo at a wallet/leather/stationary store.
The only problem I've had with mine is that the ink "gunks" up on the end of the pen if you don't use if frequently.
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I discovered the inka pen in a Levenger catalog.

Also, the Muji UK online store doesn't have dimensions for the aluminium mini pen. How bid is it?
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The aluminum mini pen is 4" x 0.3".
The hexagonal barrel is more comfortable,
imho, than slimmer round ones.
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How about a nice Caran d' Arch? This is the same model our bomber pilots carried during WWII. Made in Switzerland
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