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I really enjoy the text-based "logic puzzles" on Sporcle (e.g. Carmen Sandiago puzzle). There's only a handful of them on Sporcle. Googling "logic puzzle" yields different logic games, not the specific type I'm looking for. Do these have another name I could search for?
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I can't get your link to play well on my phone, but it appears to be (at least similar to) a grid logic puzzle.
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I've used "Puzzle Baron" for grid puzzles.
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The Bridge is available for free right now. Not sure if that's the sort of puzzles you're after.

Edit: ah text based. Sorry, no.
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Response by poster: The grid puzzles are an ok substitute, but it's the specific mechanism of the Sporcle quizzes where correctly figured-out tiles reveal new clues that I like. Maybe they are unique to Sporcle!
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(How do you find the rest of them on Sporcle?)
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Best answer: This formulation seems to be unique to Sporkle.

A lot of puzzle designers work for print, where this sort of slow reveal isn't possible. The only other puzzle I can think of that progressively reveals clues as you solve it is Minesweeper. There are a couple of cool derivatives of it like Hexcells, but I'm pretty sure you want a more freeform text puzzle rather than the cold numeric approach of this family of games.

The closest to the free form text puzzle you've shown on Sporkle I can think of is a variant of that I have in a book that is like a mix of that and crosswords -- each row and column has a different 'rule' to follow written in freeform text.
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Response by poster: Jacqilynne: alexei has your back!
You can also find more good ones by going to the "Just for Fun" category on Sporcle > "Logic" subcategory > sort by "Popular All Time"
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