Shipping china from the US to Ireland
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I need to ship 15 pounds of breakable china from the US to Ireland. What mailing service should I use, and what box should I buy to pack it into?

Assume extreme sentimental value, no strict time limit and a couple of hundred dollars to throw at getting this done. It would be OK if this box takes three months to arrive, so long as it gets there undamaged. The final product after wrapping the dishes in protective padding measures about 12x12x12, maybe a smidge larger. I am confident that I can pack the china safely and with enough padding into the box, once I have one. My questions are:

1. What box should I buy to pack these dishes into? I want sturdy - it seems like just a moving box from Home Depot isn't going to cut it.

2. What service should I use to ship this package? USPS? If so, what should I ask for when I go to the post office? I'm a bit confused by all the options - Priority mail vs. First Class shipping and so on. Or should I try FedEx? They've had trouble understanding Irish mailing addresses before when I have used them, should I try again? Or is there a different service that you recommend? This is a pretty heavy package.

Thank you for your help!
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Best answer: You don't want a box, you want a custom crate. Once crated you can ship with the USPS or FedEx.

They've had trouble understanding Irish mailing addresses before when I have used them, should I try again?

In what way? They are no stranger than any other European address. I get FedEx here all the time. If the previous lack of postcodes threw them, we now all have postcodes. Alas.
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Best answer: Use a crate, not a box. Ideally something like a large Pelican box (Harbor Freight sells knockoffs for MUCH less money). Foam sheets between individual pieces of china, bubble wrap to fill the air spaces, thicker foam on the interior walls of the case.

Or, if REALLY valuable use an art shipper (much $$).
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Best answer: You may want to look into packaging services. UPS Stores, for example, will pack and ship valuable items but I think the insurance connected with the specific service I've used doesn't apply to international shipments. I could be wrong, but my bigger point is that for irreplaceable items like this you might want to pay for the peace of mind that professional and guaranteed packaging can bring.
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Best answer: Seconding Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug to go to a packaging service like UPS store. A friend sent me a buttload of fiestaware (heavy *and* fragile) and it arrived unbroken, bubble wrapped and cardboard-blocked to a fare-thee-well.
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Consider using a smaller box that fits within a crate. Fill the surrounding gap on all sides with Styrofoam peanuts.
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Response by poster: I completely forgot that shipping crates are a thing. Just what I need. Thanks, all.
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