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Ladies who wear leggings/yoga pants: how do you get away with no VPL (visible panty line)? Do you go commando? Or wear a thong? Everyone must know how to do this but me.......
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A combination of wearing things (lacy ones tend to show less to me), getting quality leggings that are thicker and not see through, making sure leggings are the right size and not too light which can exacerbate the issue
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I think everyone does something different based on their body shape and *ahem* gynecological sensitivities. An option you didn't mention is no-show seamless microfiber underpants which are widely available. Since underpants are mostly inexpensive you should get a few different types and experiment. I would also say that having a tiny bit of VPL is not the end of the world, especially if you're just going to the gym or something. VPL is a tool of the patriarchy just like everything else.
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I have concluded it is impossible for me to not have vpl in leggings, at least until I finally find my holy grail of actually-fitting underwear. And I won't wear thongs because ugh. I wear loose, running type shorts over the top, or a really long vest top that covers my butt, and now never have to worry about wearing the slightly wrong kind of pants. This works better at the gym than yoga.

A lot of people on r/xxfitness just go commando, but I hate that too.
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Commando, but agree with genmonster everybody probably has their own strategy.
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I have a few pairs of those seamless no show underwear. One brand I have I absolutely hate (unfortunately I bought like 5 pairs), doesn't stay in place, so definitely shop around and try a couple.

Also, another vote for 'I don't really care that much if people can tell I'm wearing underwear.'
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I wear a thong if I want to look cute in my leggings, and seamless undies when I want to work out in my leggings (in which case I don’t care about panty lines).
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I wear a thong. I can’t stand having the extra fabric from underwear bunching and riding up.
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I am also one of those folks who don't care about panty lines - if anyone's looking that closely at my arse, their eyes deserve what they get. I do favour leggings with thicker fabric though, mostly because they're usually the ones that have good pockets.
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I go commando in my fitness leggings. Gotta feel freeeeee!
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I decided I don't care. "Woman Wears Underpants: SHOCK HORROR." What-the-fuck-ever. I'm over the shame and/or fetishisation of women's body parts and attire and I'm pretty sure VPL (there's a term that came straight from marketing...) is a made-up problem.
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I just bought these to wear for workouts under leggings and I like them so far! Reviewers complain about the tags, but I cut them off and it’s fine.
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Boy shorts, if I were to go with the leggings-at-the-gym trend, which I don't. My actual solution is to wear men's workout pants, which conceal all crevices I don't wish to be seen, and include roomy pockets.
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The Uniqlo seamless underwear in nude-for-me hasn't shown through anything I've worn it with, though I haven't tried the really tissue-thin leggings. Looks like they have some selection of different "nude" colors, too.
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The "invisible" underwear options that work best for me are briefs with little strips of silicone at the legs that keep them in place without the bulk of a band/elastic. Elastics bands always show through on me, thongs are a torture device, and no-elastic/no-silicone options tend to migrate into the depths. YMMV based on bottom! My specific favorites are the Soma Vanishing Edge line, but I'm sure the technology is available from other brands too.
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I have some very thin boyshorts I wear under leggings if for some reason I am in a caring mood, but over the last five years or so I suddenly stopped caring. Thongs make my butt feel weird and I have underwear that i really like otherwise so I mostly just stop worrying about it.
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I also dislike boy shorts. They feel strange and usually ride up.

I wish I could go sans underwear but I prefer the feeling of underwear for support and coverage and Jockey Air Seamfree Hi-cut show no panty lines. They also come in bikini cut. Notice that the bum seam is bonded. I do a lot of yoga and these are invisible under leggings (thick and thin). Avoid anything with sewn seems and look for bonded seams. These are my favorite underwear and wear them under things like white jeans and jersey skirts and dresses. No lines!

Also, this is obvious -- buy your size or go up a size so they don't dig in anywhere.
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Boy shorts or these mid thigh ones are even better. I'm quite plump on my lower half, and you just don't see where these end as you do with traditional undies.
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I wear leggings to exercise only. For exercise A, I wear gigantic granny panties. There's no visible waistband because it's at the same level of the legging waistband. And I've decided not to care about any visible line for the bottom part of the undies. For exercise B, I do wear a thong.
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I go commando when I wear leggings, which is almost never for working out ever since I discovered Uniqlo sweatpants, which fit so wonderfully, tapering to almost nothing, that I think I look more attractive than in leggings and am way more comfortable. I tell myself they’re retro cool.
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I think few people know how to do this because VPL is everywhere. Does it really matter if people know you're wearing underwear? Thicker, non-skintight leggings help, but if your leggings are super tight then everything shows anyway.
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I have bought no show underwear and also wear thicker leggings.
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I wear thongs! Due to my anatomical peculiarities, thongs are the easiest way for me to prevent butt chafe when I'm running or walking. But I absolutely have had to try different ones to find the most comfy.
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I wear Zella Refocus Recycled Leggings by Nordstrom. Only Hearts Organic Cotton High Waist Briefs (I have two pair -- one black, the other beige) don't indicate their presence under anything and are marvelously comfortable.
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The Zella leggings that I just mentioned have been a godsend as I've adjusted to the impact that menopause- and Hashimoto's disease-related weight gain have had on my body.
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I just wear thicker leggings. Or boy shorts.
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I mostly don't care about VPL, but I also wear pretty thin underwear (Patagonia active bikinis) and thicker yoga pants so it hasn't really been a concern. It's possible my PL is V sometimes and I just haven't noticed.
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The lunch table discussion was divided: 50% giving zero fucks about VPL and 50% went kinda commando using a panty liner. One hold out goes fully commando and calls it "riding the seam" which elicited 10 minutes of laughter.
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If I'm wearing leggings, I am also wearing a top that comes down far enough to cover the panty line area, so for me VPL isn't an issue because my top covers it.
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I size up in stretchy skin tight bottoms, be they leggings or tights or skirts. The fabric stays thicker because less stretching is demanded of it and it usually also eliminates or reduces vpl. I wear whatever cotton 5 pack bikini cut undies.
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