Looking for vintage F1 vids.
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Does anyone know where I can download some flag to flag coverage of the 1976 Formula 1 season?
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I don't know where you can download it, but if you go to the race in China it'll be available on DVD. I'm guessing it might be available in Brazil and Turkey as well, but I'm not sure of those.
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Let me know if you find anything. My 9-year-old self was at the first F1 U.S. Grand Prix West in Long Beach in 1976, just out of frame on the right side of this picture showing race winner Regazzoni in the Ferrari leading the first or second lap. James Hunt is behind him on the left, and Depailler on the right, with Lauda (eventual second place) behind him leading the second group in the other Ferrari.

That's a steep hill, and guys were getting air at the top, so that that hill was cut out of the circuit after a couple years. On the third or fourth lap, pot-smoking playboy Hunt (who improbably went on to win the championship, even though he was a last minute replacement driver, tried to sneak around Frenchy, clipped his wheel and ended up doing one-wheel wheelstand that was perfectly captured by a photographer and appeared on t-shirts the next year with the caption "James Hunt's Magnificent Shunt" or some such.

Sorry, this is going nowhere. Maybe i should just narrate the '76 season for you in a jaunty British racing journalist voice. Maybe these guys know something.
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Or here. They have an IRC chatroom, might be someone with some tapes for you. That first year I described above, at the race one guy had highlight films of the Fangio years that he projected onto the side of a trailer, gathering quite a crowd. Fangio, Brabham and Phil Hill raced in an old timers' vintage car race at Long Beach.
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None of this is going to be flag to flag, that's for sure. My mom dated Stirling Moss. That the last thing I'm going to say on the subject.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help and links!

:) :) :)
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