What are the best resources for coordinating care for cancer patient?
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I want advice, feedback, recommendations on resources for coordinating help for a young mom recently diagnosed with breast cancer. This is a close relative. I wish I lived nearby but I'm far enough away that most of my support will be remote. Closest family is a 3 hour drive. I want to coordinate a number of things and I'm looking for advice on best way to do it.

1. picking up/dropping off at day care ( likely limited to a couple of friends, but how to manage dates and schedules)
2. Playdates, kid care, babysitting outside of daycare
3. Tasks around the house (some things are immediate, like setting up a spare bed, running things to thrift store, some will be ongoing- grocery shopping, picking up/dropping off out of town helpers at the airport, etc.)
4. Meals (I'm familiar with meal train)
5. Coordinating schedules for out of town relatives coming to help (likely will be 5-6 people each coming for a week during post op period and then pending chemo schedule.
6. Likely a forum to share updates on how things are going

Do I want a shared calendar and doc with a table of help needed? Should I use one of the many helping hands type websites? Do I need a different thing for each type of help?
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Caring Bridge is the most commonly used site for updates and can do some basic coordination by letting people know what high level needs are. It is a good option if you don't want to just use Facebook, which is the other obvious place for updates. For sign-ups, something like Sign Up Genius would work better. You can probably link to the Sign up Genius from Caring Bridge. You would have to decide whether to do a different sign up for different needs, or one big one that encompasses all needs. For things that a few defined people are doing (like day care pickups/dropoffs), I would assume they would use Google Calendar or something and work it out among themselves.
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The web site Lotsa Helping Hands is also very good for this. Free, and easy to use, and it satisfies all your requests, I think.

You make calendar entries for things you need (specific meals, ride to appointments, whatever), and then invite people via email. They can "claim" a task. There's also a way to send out emails or post messages with updates.

Give it a look, it's low-drag at a time when you don't need to be thinking a lot.
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Yes, Lotsa Helping Hands is a great way to allow a disparate group of people to offer help with anything: rides, food, support , cleaning, household tasks, etc. Plus group updates, messages to the person who is being supported, etc.
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