Professional LinkedIn headshot help needed in Seattle
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I'm about to start a job search, which means that I have to revise the tiny, outdated handful of rags and bones that is my LinkedIn page. This will involve getting a headshot, and since I loathe being photographed, that won't be trivial. Please help me find a professional photographer in Seattle who can help me out with this.

So here's the deal: I am a person of a certain age and a certain size who is about to embark on a tech job search. I loathe being photographed, even under low-key circumstances, and these are definitely not low-key circumstances. This is definitely, therefore, a job for a pro.

Please tell me any awesome photographers you might know of in the Seattle area who do this kind of work. Bonus points for someone who has some means of helping with whatever makeup might be necessary for this.
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Jenny GG is an amazing professional photographer in Seattle - here is her Portrait portfolio. She is size inclusive and LGBTQ-inclusive. As a wedding photographer, she will certainly have connections with makeup artists. I'm not sure if she does corporate headshots but if not she will certainly listen carefully to your needs and refer you to the right person.

(In any case, for makeup, you could do what I did when I had my headshot, which is to go to the makeup counter at Nordstrom for your favorite brand and tell them you want a polished daytime look for a corporate headshot. If you don't have a favorite brand, pick a "grownup" brand like Bobbi Brown or Chanel instead of something youth-oriented or glamor-oriented like MAC. Buy the lipstick and maybe some powder so you can refresh before the photo, but you don't have to buy any of the other products.)
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Jan Domek has taken great photos of me. I, too, absolutely loathe having my photo taken. She has patience and is thoughtful of making those she photographs feel very at ease.
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Michael B. Maine is a Seattle photographer acquaintance who graduated from the same MBA program I did. He did a lot of the headshots for my graduating class. He's African-American and has exhibited his work in local galleries, even featured in The Stranger a year or so ago. Most of all, he's genuinely a nice low-key guy and does interesting work presenting marginalized populations in an artistic light.
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I know this is a bit late for this thread, but another photographer I know personally who does headshots here in Seattle is Kate Hailey (portfolio and bio at link).
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