a toilet goof-up oh noooo
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I finally followed my dreams and got a Toto Washlet S300e for my home! NIB off eBay for a few hundred off MSRP. After getting the electrical rewiring done to accommodate the plug and hooking it all up, I realized my blunder - I completely missed that this was a 'Round' model and not 'Elongated' (the other Washlet model I was comparing to only came in Elongated, and I overlooked this critical detail on the s300e). There were no returns on this item, which is relatively sensible in a 'no returning used toilet seats' policy. Is there a way to order parts for just the ring seat and cover in 'elongated' that will fit with the bidet base?

The seat is heated, which makes the swap a bit more complicated as well. I see Toto sells replacement *lids*, and they sell standard replacement seats that affix direct to a toilet, but I haven't been able to find the bidet seat itself without just getting a whole new Washlet unit. I need to know A) where I can get an elongated seat as well, and B) if there's a mechanical reason I couldn't put that longer seat on the base.
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I'm so sorry for the non-answer here, but I just wanted you to know that I did the exact same thing, and I went ahead and got a Toto Drake to match it. The Toto Drake is really nice* so wasn't a complete loss. Then I moved the (decent) bedroom toilet to replace the (shitty) powder room toilet and put the powder room toilet on the curb.

*It's low flush, but the little standing pond area is extra shallow and large so that it catches more and rarely requires brushing. Sorry
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Replacing the toilet itself isn't a solution because I just don't like round toilets, hah. The seat we have now is a round seat on an elongated toilet and it's... functional, but I'd like to have it be elongated all the way through.
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You may be able to get in touch with either Toto, directly, or a plumbing supply house. Explain the situation. Toto may be a bit pissy, but a plumbing supply house (especially a local one) will be glad to take your money for the part that you need.
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Having opened this model before it's pretty daunting to remove just the seat.
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