Freezer ice maker showing signs of contamination
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The pieces of ice produced have an odd taste (not that I've ingested any since), and the removable ice tray itself is left with blackish-greenish-yellowish streaks on the bottom.

The streaks have appeared several times now (i.e. I've cleaned the removable tray in between each occurrence; they're not hard to get rid of with soap and a sponge but they return with a vengeance).

Questions include but are not limited to:

• What in particular is wrong with the ice maker, or possibly the entire refrigerator? What further tests can I use to narrow it down?
• Is there a service where I can send the streak-material, to have it identified? (Do I even want to know?) I’m having someone come to look at my tap water, but I haven’t noticed anything wrong on that level.
• What should I do, exactly? My endgame will be to call a fridge technician, but I’d like to have a more specific problem description before going that route. (Assume I’ve already stopped using the ice and that the fridge doesn’t dispense water.)
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when was the last time you cleaned the water line to the fridge? my friends ice gets gross tasting when it has been far too long since the last cleaning.
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One thing that looks that colour is the grease used to lubricate moving parts in appliances. So it could be that some grease is getting transferred to the tray. A wipe around inside the ice maker might identify the source.

Ice from our ice maker tends to taste bad, so we don't use it. I can dismantle and totally clean and deodorise the ice maker, and for a few days the ice tastes fine. Then it starts to pick up weird flavours and we stop using it again. I have a theory that odours are being transferred from frozen food to the ice, but strangely ice made in ordinary trays always tastes OK.
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Many freezers with icemakers have a filter. It exists so that you will have to buy overpriced replacements, but if you don't replace it, you may get algae in your ice. The water where I live is exceptionally good - clean and delicious - and doesn't need a filter, but I'm stuck with it.
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FWIW often you can buy a bypass plug so that you can use the ice/water dispenser without any filter rather than letting an old one sit in it.
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