What to do in L.A. next weekend?
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Had a long list the first time we visited but having a hard time coming up with more!

The first time we went to Paramount, had KBBQ, flautas, donuts, saw a Conan taping, ate at Petit Trois, etc. We did a lot of stuff in a couple days! But what else to do? We love live comedy and have looked at the Hollywood Improv for a show but not sure how to choose between the many ensemble shows. We LOVE food... um... enjoy hiking, great views, scenic drives... huge film fans... anyway, everything I can think of is very generic at this point and would love some specific very L.A. things to look forward to. Looking for specifics, not like “get tacos,” please tell us specifically which tacos. We will have a rental car. Thanks!
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Best answer: The Getty Museum!
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Best answer: Have you driven down the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) yet, or Mulholland Drive? If you head to PCH from the east, it's also fun to get there on Sunset Drive (we used to regularly drive on it all the way from Silverlake, just because we liked watching how the city changes). Then turn right on PCH and drive up to one of the beaches in Malibu, like Point Dume, maybe get a burger at Neptune's Net.
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Best answer: You might want to glance at this recent ask, which also asks for stuff to do in LA. I mention it because it's so recent (and not obviously relevant).
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Best answer: Museum of the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences Providing a general link to the site, you can see the calendar plan for when you will visit. They will probably have a lot of special exclusive events around the Oscars.

I love the Margaret Herrick Library and you can often attend lectures by the folks who are set dressers or directors if you find behind the lens stuff interesting. I do.

Things with big celebrities are difficult to get close to. For example, I got tickets to Public Enemy with Johnny Depp attending, but I couldn't get within a mile of the theater so I gave up.

The other thing I would recommend is checking out the schedule for the Getty Villa. They have a traditional Roman garden and theater, and you can attend wine tastings a theatrical productions or hear some stunning lectures. I heard Peter Greenaway lecture on his film process; it was packed with directors. great evening.

If you happen to be at eleventh and Western in Koreatown, there's a wood fire chicken rotisserie place that is out of sight. It's on a tiny triangle of real estate, and you have to stand in line for the chicken. Get the salad; the dressing is spicy and awesome.

Sending vibes for an enjoyable visit!
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Best answer: If you like Chinese food, dumpling crawl, actually Din Tai Fung has several locations, dim sum, and general Chinese restaurants.
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Best answer: Little Tokyo (it's one of three remaining historic Japantowns in the U.S. and the second oldest neighborhood in LA). Definitely stop by Fugetsu-do (established in 117 years ago in 1903!) for fresh manju.
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Best answer: Wat Thai weekend market

Hike from Fern Dell to the Griffith Observatory.

There are Ansel Adams photos of LA exhibited at the Central Library.

We have a bunch of rooftop bars, both in downtown and a few on the coast.

On the film side of things, LA has many many many arthouse cinemas, so you can poke around and try some different things.
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Best answer: Also just up the hill from Little Tokyo, the Broad Museum (pronounced Brohd, not Brahd) has a Shirin Neshat exhibition.
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Best answer: Look at Griffith Park. You can go tot he observatory where they filmed a key scene from Rebel without a Cause, and then hike to the Hollywood sign.
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