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I need help writing a resume and am willing to pay for this. Recommendations for where to go and an estimate of how much this should cost are appreciated!

I have "some college" and have worked at the same company for 23 years, 20 in a technical role. I have only had two different titles in this time, so I need help making this more of a project and skills based resume than a historical record. This would be for an internal position. I am willing to go anywhere in the metro area, but if there are online services that are worth it, please list those as well.
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CareerForce Centers provide free and government supported help for job seekers in Minnesota . There’s a Resume workshop Wednesday and Friday this week in Minneapolis. They also provide many other free job and computer workshops.
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Prototype Career Resources, in St Paul. I know the owner slightly and have found her to be a person of high integrity and giving good value. It's a small company and I'd expect her employees to be the same.

ETA: I don't know their pricing but would expect them to be very transparent about it.
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