Alternatives for ridiculously overpriced stove trim?
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I need to get island trim for my stove. According to the photos, this looks like a 3" wide, 36" long, 1" high piece of sheet metal that has little vent holes cut in it (it looks a little like a comb). The manufacturer wants $319 for this. This feels like the kind of thing that almost anyone with a piece of sheet metal could make. Any other options, or do I truly need to spend $319 on this?
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You have a picture or a link?
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Please post a photo, I'm sure I or someone else can help you find something that works. Have you called used appliance places to see if they have one you could buy? Or salvage yards might be a place to check.

As far as "anyone with a piece of sheetmetal could make it"...technically, yes, but that kind of cut work plus grinding (metal sanding) and then powder coating (heat safe metal paint) would be extremely time consuming, you'd likely have to send it to a CNC shop and they are not cheap.
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Sadly you will probably have to cave and buy the dang thing. Yes, it’s overpriced, but the odds of having it custom-made at enough savings to be worth all the extra time you’d spend negotiating it are very slim.
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Maybe. There might be a "generic" alternative that is at least like, $100 instead of $320
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Like this?
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Based on quotes I've gotten for fairly simple things from metal shops, $319 sounds like a steal.

Based on my own experience with metalworking, and the time it takes to set up tools, measure, cut, bend, $319 sounds like a steal.
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It's possible you could get sheet metal with holes in it, potentially decorative, and cut it to fit. The builder just used wood to shim the back of my stove, no ventilation was needed.
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