What does it mean if my website got 6 new unique users in Santa Clara
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I'm working on my little portfolio website and just added a bunch of new content and Google Analytics. Google Analytics says I had 6 new unique visitors today who all spent less than a second on the site. I know these are probably not humans right? Then who are they?

I have a filter set up so that my own traffic isn't included, and I never test the site by visiting the domain name.
For many days before that I had 0 visitors (that's fine).
But why were they all coming from Santa Clara, CA? Does that mean it was a Google bot/spider?
Then why do they all have different demographics profiles?
What does it all mean?
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I don't know the answer to your question, but I can tell you that a google bot/spider would not be coming from Santa Clara, but from a google datacenter located elsewhere (I used to be a google SRE for the team running google's web crawler a few years ago.)
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Lots of random startups in Santa Clara, so my guess is it's some small tech company experimenting with web crawling. Unless you have more info no way to know
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Maybe someone posted a link to your site on their friends group, and a couple people thought "hmm what's this?", clicked, went "oh, it's not a funny cat pic, it's just someone's portfolio" and clicked off.
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OK, I was misreading the "Demographic reports" as being real when they were just a sample. Definitely bots, and the information about Santa Clara was helpful. Thank you!
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Lots of web traffic is automated these days. It could be the link in your browser or email being pre-fetched by your mail server in order to check that it's not harboring malware. It could be a bot going to every single Google Analytics identifier (basically spam via indirect means) but those usually have obvious indicators. Datacenters are all over the place, and IP geolocation doesn't mean a whole lot because the requests aren't coming directly from a person.

It could also be a real person with all their ad blocking/tracking stuff turned on, in which case the dwell time would be inaccurate.
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