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Some time ago (within the past six months maybe?) I read a post or comment, I believe here on metafilter / ask metafilter, that linked to a dog training guide. Am trying to find it. Help?

I promise I used the search function, but my google skill is failing me today.

The training guide in question was a very simple, possibly black and white but definitely limited color / graphics. I think it may have been a PDF. I remember it had breakdowns step by step - so teaching the “place” command, for example, it broke down the steps one by one - lead dog to place, say command, give treat. Get to stay for a few seconds, give treat. Build up toll dog can stay for x amount of time. Try when a stranger approaches the door. Try when a familiar person approaches the door.

The steps may have been broken out into doing the process over a few days / weeks.

I know this isn’t a lot to go on, but I’ve seen you all do more with less. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: I think you are looking for the protocols for relaxation. They work wonders!
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Response by poster: HOW?! Robin, that's EXACTLY it! Thank you so much!
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