How to lose all my hair?
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My body ( or something in my body) attacks my follicles but my hair just keeps growing. Obviously I've been to tons of dermatologists, even had biopsies etc., but that's not what this question is about. I can't stand it any more. It's too grey to laser out. This is just a theoretical question at this point, I know we're (supposedly) never completely out of options for a cure, but I would like to know what drug that isn't too harsh will really wipe out most or all of the hair on my scalp. Assume tenacious hair.
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Mimosine comes to mind to make it fall out. I have a weird mind. I don't know if a doctor would go for this.
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Nair. It seems to dissolve hair, definitely a bit below the skin. Do not use on broken or irritated skin, do a test 1st, etc., as it can be painful. I'm so sorry you have such a problem, it can make life so difficult.
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