What else is like Corner Gas?
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So, after watching and re-watching the Corner Gas series, first on random YouTube channels, then on Amazon Prime when it became available, I am nearing to the end of the last season. What else is out there that is *just* like it? Preferably on Prime.

I am looking for more feel-good, light-hearted comedy like "Corner Gas". I loved most of the characters and their consistency throughout, I liked their low-key adventures. I liked the views of Saskatchewan prairies :) My favorite characters were Davis, Hank, and Karen - I guess I just like to see good-natured people going about their daily quiet lives, with humor!

Things that I was NOT so keen on was that the humor in some of the other characters (rarely, but still) skirted around just being mean (even if we were supposed to understand that this is hyperbole, for comedic effect), and the sometimes over-the-top absurd cameos and breaking the "fourth wall" moments when the characters speak directly to audience.

I would really like to find a similar show to continue with. What have you got, Metafilter?
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I loved CG too,, I think the Corner Gas torch was passed to Schitt's Creek :)
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It's really hard to find a good match; the gentle, quirky humor of that show was special. Have you seen Little Mosque on the Prairie? I think it has a similar, if perhaps not so weird, vibe. I found the episodes on YouTube, but it looks like it's on Prime but you have to pay.

Also, Brent Butt and Nancy Robertson made a show after CG called Hiccups. At least the first few previews of the eps are on YouTube, in case it seems appealing to you.
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Kim's convenience is light hearted
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Seconding Kim’s Convenience
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Coming here to say Kim's Convenience and also, if you can get it, Letterkenny.
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Really love Little mosque
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Something else that's /sort of/ like it in that it's an ensemble comedy about an isolated town with a lot of heart is "Northern Exposure"

Though NE has some twin peaksy elements that Corner Gas doesn't the two shows are definitely linked in my mind.
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Yes, Letterkenny! It's available on Hulu if you have it.
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Have you taken a look at Mum? It’s available through the Britbox streaming service.
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I haven't seen CG so I'm guessing here, but your description reminded me of Rosehaven's vibe, especially in the second season.
(It's also set in Tasmania, which seems unusual enough to be worth noting.)
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For feel happy comedy I really liked Durrells in Corfu.
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The film "The Dish"
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Dan For Mayor! It was literally the sequel to Corner Gas.
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Nthing Kim's Convenience! It's available on Netflix and CBC Gem.
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Did you know Corner Gas was recently revived as an animated series?
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Northern Exposure.
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Not Canadian, but Vicar of Dibley is both hilarious and sweet.
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Gavin and Stacey
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Seconding Detectorists. Maybe Spaced for the everybody's-a-misfit-but-people-like-each-other-anyway thing. Slings and Arrows for the mostly easygoing Canadian thing.
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I was also going to recommend Corner Gas The Animated Series. It uses all the same actors, except Emma, who died.
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oh, and I know you're looking for TV, but after you finish the show you'll want to watch Corner Gas: The Movie.

Though be warned the animated series renders the movie ending non-canon.
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Things that I was NOT so keen on was that the humor in some of the other characters (rarely, but still) skirted around just being mean (even if we were supposed to understand that this is hyperbole, for comedic effect)

If you didn't like this, be cautious of the Kim's Convenience recommendations. Basically all the characters become absurd self-centred assholes over the course of season two. It's less bad if you don't binge, and it eased up about halfway through S3. Schitt's Creek is almost the opposite character arc.

I recommend looking at Bob's Burgers, Life in Pieces, and Baronnes Von Sketch.
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I just want to say thank you for this question because I'd never heard of Corner Gas but it turned out I was looking for exactly that, for the reasons you list.
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