Resizing pictures for iMovie for iOS
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I have a new iPad Pro. I'm drawing pictures in various apps (mostly "Paper") and importing them to iMovie to string them together into a video. The problem is that iMovie cuts them off at the top and the bottom.

I've watched a bunch of help videos and they tell me to click on the picture in the time line and then click on the zoom hourglass icon in the top-right window and then pinch-zoom the copy of the picture up there until it fills up the screen properly. BUT in this version of iMovie for iOS there is no zoom icon. What I can do is disable the dam**d Ken Burns thing, and then zoom with my fingers, but I can't get the whole image onto the screen. I do have a workaround -- I figured out how large an image I can draw in whatever app I'm using and make sure I stay within those boundaries. But shouldn't I be able to draw a larger picture and have iMovie figure out how to fit itself into the screen?? This is annoying. I want to know what the resolution of the video in iMovie for iOS is? and -- can I change it? Can I fiddle around with any settings? Or is this limitation just a function of the toy-like iMovie app and I have to live with it?

(another issue: iMovie is not exporting to YouTube. It just -- won't. Oh well. I switched to Vimeo. But still -- why so many problems?). THANKS!!
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Best answer: I don't use iMovie on iOS, but I can hopefully help with the general aspects of your question:

1080P HD video is 1920x1080 pixels. "4K" is 3840x2160. Both have a 16:9 aspect ratio (the image is 1.777777... times wider than it is tall), so any similar aspect-ratio image should scale to fill the video frame. I'm not sure which options will be available to you in iMovie specifically.

A lot of video distribution these days assumes 16:9 aspect ratios and one of the "standard" pixel dimensions (480P, 720P, 1080P, 4k, etc) so you may not have luck changing that in iMovie for iOS. It might be possible to make 4:3 content if you like that more, but I wouldn't bet on it.
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