Where should I park overnight in Vancouver?
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Where can I leave my car for 30 hours in Vancouver, BC so I won't have to worry about it being broken into?

I need to leave my car overnight (from 11 AM to 6 PM the following day) in Vancouver. I'm taking the shuttle to Whistler from Burrard Station, so paid parking lot or neighborhood without parking restrictions that's easily accessible from there is preferred. I'm pretty concerned about car prowlers, so the safer the location the better. I'm not planning on leaving anything in the car while I'm gone. I would prefer paying under $50 USD for parking the whole time if it's possible.

Thanks, guys!
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Best answer: $50? I'd just park at the value long term parking for YVR at Templeton station and take the skytrain back to Burrard. Not the closest, and definitely not the cheapest (the online quote tool said it was $41.50 CAD + skytrain fee) but dead simple easy.
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Best answer: You can take a look on https://www.parkopedia.ca/ to see what the parkade rates are nearby. Just put in your hours to make sure you get a parkade that allows for overnight parking. The postal code V6C 0A4 will get you in the area. You won't find unlimited free street parking nearby. There is very limited free parking downtown generally, and most are limited to 2 hours if you don't have a permit. Technically, the limit for street parking anywhere in Vancouver without signs is 3 hours; however, that's only enforced if someone calls in your car because they're annoyed by it. If you want to take that risk, you could probably find somewhere to park in a quieter residential neighbour along the Expo line and just Skytrain into Burrard Station (maybe close to Nanaimo Station). I would not park my car overnight in Chinatown or the Downtown East Side if you're looking at places.

If you're really worried about having stuff stolen, you can check out the Vancouver Police's crime heatmaps or crime map to get an idea of where car thefts happen.
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Using the Parkopedia link above, you can search for parking near "Hotel Vancouver" and check out the Precise ParkLink on 777 Hornby St. That is 1.5 blocks away from Burrard Station, and I distinctly remember reviewing their parking hours a few weeks back (we parked there for dinner) and noting that they seemed to be open 24 hrs. But would be good to double-check: +1-604-235-1380.

Given your parameters, Parkopedia says you'll spend C$63 which seems to be just under $50.

For the safety aspect, I don't know that it's any better/worse than any other parkade out there.
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I have used the Terminal City Club lot with no issues.
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$50 USD is about $65 Canadian; you could probably valet park at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver for that. Or the Hyatt Regency next door to Burrard Station.
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