Abdominal muscle cramps and shortness of breath
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Hey guys, I've got something crazy going on. I have a temp job and I've been sitting for 8 hours a day. It's causing lower back pain. And I don't know if it's related to the muscle problem I'm having. I am going to the doctor tomorrow but I'm curious as to what could be causing abdominal muscle cramping that's painful like a calf muscle cramping combined with shortness of breath. While it's happening I just can't seem to get a deep breath in and it passes in a couple of minutes. It's happened three times today. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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Oh, it primarily happens when I get up to walk from one end of the condo to the other or from the parking lot to the front door of a building.
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Nevermind. I'm going to the ER. It could be an abdominal aneurism.
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I'm glad you're going to get checked out. Please come back to let us know that you're ok.
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Yeah, I came into say ER. I hope it's not anything serious after all, but...
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I'm in the ER. EMT palpitated my abdomen and probably no aneurysm. Waiting to see doctor. Will come back and report tomorrow. Sleep well, everyone! I'm so glad to have this community.
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Assuming your EMT is correct (and I hope they are!) -- I've had that type of abdominal cramp randomly on ab-tightening since I started doing abdominal work like hollow body holds and planking.

I've had no shortness of breath, though, and that is definitely not a symptom anyone should ever ignore. Do let us know how this turns out!
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Hello and happy Friday! I'm glad to report that nothing was found to be wrong. I've been given a sublingual tablet to take if I feel the cramps starting; it should stop them almost immediately. As for the actual cause, the doctor doesn't know. I have a hunch: I've been doing some temp work that has me sitting in a chair 8 hours a day. It's been causing some really bad lower back pain and I think my abs are trying to compensate. I think, and the doctor agrees, that the shortness of breath and panicked feeling is a response to the extreme pain caused by the cramps. All of this info will go to my PCP and we'll talk about it next time I see her. Thank you for all of the support. I was up late and am going to crash and probably sleep most of the day. Enjoy the weekend!
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