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I am seeking a comic book that includes a short tale of a woman in a car that won't start getting increasingly panicky as a shadowy figure approaches. It turns out to be a policeman who gives the car a push and gets her on her way. I am pretty certain this was in a collection of Christmas-themed stories published by DC in the 1980s, but it isn't the Super Star Holiday Special (April 1980). Any ideas?
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We're not talking about "Silent Night of the Batman" (1969), right?

"The Night of Thanks But No Thanks" (1986) had Batman interrupting a "car theft" which was just a lady who'd locked her keys in her car. Bats helped her unlock her car. Not a Christmas story, though.
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Found it. SPrintF, thanks for your help because it opened the path to me finding it, which is that it ISN'T a Christmas story or in a special edition.

It's a "Tales of Gotham City", "Encounter," in Detective Comics 490.
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