What is this Japanese cloud design element called?
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I see this cloud design element all over the Tokyo and Yamanashi prefectures. For a verbal description, it's usually shown as long, rounded rectangles connected by small segments. It's vaguely represented in Hokusai's work and I see it all over Fujiyoshida/Kawaguchiko usually paired with Fujisan. Is there a name for this? Thank you very much! Here are some links for reference: 1 2 3 4

If it isn't clear which design element I am referring to, I can elaborate.
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I think the term is yokogumo, as described on this page.
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This source refers to them as "エ-shaped clouds", although it's not clear to me if that term actually has any currency or if it's a wholly ad hoc descriptive name.
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Interesting. I don't have an actual answer, other than the fact that just after reading this post I was reading the newest chapter of High School Inari Tamamo-chan and this design is on one of the last pages of the new chapter. Looking back, I see the same design on the end pages of earlier chapters.
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I think the right Japanese search term is ヱ霞 (egasumi) (or えがすみ). 霞 means essentially "haze" or "mist".
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I recognize it from current illustration trends in the us & Europe, it's a super simple and easy way to draw clouds in Illustrator. See kurzgesagt.
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