Flooring contractor in Queens, NY
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I have an issue with a wooden floor and an issue with a tiled bathroom floor. Can anyone recommend an area flooring contractor who can help me with these issues at a reasonable price?

I live in Queens, NY in a one bedroom co-op. I have two flooring issues that need to be dealt with.

One is a section of hardwood flooring that is sticking up. There is a hump underneath the flooring that is distorting the wood and causing a tripping hazard. It's a relatively small section of flooring, about 18 inches by 18 inches. It is, however, located in a narrow main hallway so it presents a tripping hazard. I have older relatives who want to visit me so I cannot have tripping hazards in my house.

The second issue is the bathroom flooring. The last owner did a not-so-great job of installing small tiles over concrete; as we speak, the little tiles are coming loose and it doesn't look very good. There is also a little bit of flooring unevenness near the wall, but that's close to the toilet so it doesn't present quite the same tripping hazard as we have in issue one. A friend who visited me last month suggested tearing out the tiling, evening out the floor and putting down some vinyl.

Last year, I got an estimate from a contractor about the hallway hump. He wanted $800-1200 just to remove the boards. Fixing the problem itself would cost extra. I didn't take him up on his offer because, having just purchased an apartment, I didn't have very much money. It wasn't in the budget. I have money now so I'd like to get maybe a couple more estimates for dealing with these issues. Could anyone out there recommend a NYC-area flooring contractor. Also, if anyone knows the rough price ranges for these sorts of jobs, please let me know. I know less than nothing about home repair and I don't want to get mugged.

Thank you all very much in advance for your time and assistance.
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