How Can I Work Smarter With Microsoft?
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I use a lot of MS tools in my job – SharePoint, Flow/ Power Automate, Power Apps, etc.. These tools are updated by MS at such a fast rate that oftentimes if I spend time to learn a thing, when I return a few months later, how to do that thing has changed, and I have to re-learn how to do that thing. This drives me crazy and makes me feel like I’ll never master these constantly evolving tools: how can I/ how do other folks work smarter with Microsoft’s approach?

I know an answer is, "read the roadmap/ release plans", but is that it?

Once upon a time, MS would release a product and you used that product and then there'd be one major update and you'd read the release notes. Now it's update, update, update and I feel that (a) it's now a bigger part of my job to stay on top of all of these, (b) if I don't, then I fall far behind, and (c) I'm always going to be an amateur because the target keeps moving. This feels to me like I'm approaching the problem in the wrong way, and that I can't be the only person wrestling with this issue. How are other folks managing this?

Example: I built a Flow 6 months ago. Now I want to copy that Flow and use it for another process. But when I open that Flow, the way approvals are done are different now and I don't know if I can re-purpose this "old" Flow given that things have changed, or if I have to re-build it and re-test it. So now I've gone from, "hey - I can just copy this thing I've already invested time in building and testing" to "I have to revise this thing and re-learn the new way and I'd probably be an idiot not to re-test", which in turn throws my project timelines out - grrr!
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I was ready to chime in that things don't change that much and when they do they are often additive rather than pure change but with your example of Flow you are kinda stuck. Flow's current development cycle is such that it is constant change as they add new features for end users and administrators. They are in the rapid growth period of the product.

At some point, change will be more deliberate as it will be difficult to change existing things without impacting the current users.
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You might be using cloud-based versions of these, which would make this suggestion irrelevant, but just throwing this out there: can you disable auto-updates so the version never changes? Some workplaces will require updates stay on for everything due to security concerns, but I personally avoid updating certain programs and apps because I don't have the time to re-learn anything unexpectedly.
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