Minneapolis tenants rights attorney recommendation
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We are seeking a recommendation for an attorney who is knowledgeable about tenant law in Minneapolis and Minnesota, who can evaluate our situation and help to guide us to a satisfactory resolution.

Our Minneapolis landlord has failed to resolve an issue over a period of about months with regular very late, very loud parties in the unit next to ours, which is subleased out through AirBnB. Attempts to resolve the issue directly with our landlord over a few months have not resulted in a satisfactory solution and it is time to consult with an attorney. We make about the median income for Minneapolis, and we are aware of the Homeline free tenant legal advice hotline-we've left a voicemail with them and are awaiting a callback. Thanks!
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There is a housing court clinic in the Hennepin County government center (M-F 8:30-4:30), though you may exceed their income threshold (300% of federal poverty, or about $50k for a family of two).

You could also check with the Minnesota Bar Association (www.mnbar.org); they have a "find an lawyer" tool on their website.
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Update for future advice searchers: we heard back from the hotline, and they were incredibly helpful, including suggesting that we might not need an attorney quite yet. Homeline MN should absolutely be your first call as a tenant in Minnesota, if you have been unable to resolve an issue with your landlord. That said, we and future searchers would still appreciate your attorney recs, I'm sure!
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